Herwig’s Austrian Bistro is an engaging ethnic restaurant right off of College.

I ordered the Rosmarin Schweinsbraten ( ROSE-mar-in SHWEYENZ-bra-tin ) which is “Our rosemary roast pork. Two thick and juicy slices of center-cut pork loin which is freshly roasted to perfection in our rotisserie oven. Served with our own sauerkraut and a bread dumpling.” My date ordered the Reisflesch? Which is spicy pork and rice, and a neat little salad.
·       Taste - 8.4 / 10 Let’s face it. It really looks and tastes like you would imagine a(n Austrian) home-style cooked meal. My pork cutlet was very good, especially when smeared around in the perfect amount of sauce. The bread dumpling was tasty, and although I’m really not a huge fan of cabbage, the sauerkraut was deliable. My date’s meal was very good, with a special hot kick that’s good if you want a plate with an edge. I think I remember him mentioning something about his home-grown vegetables being used for the hot sauce. And for dessert, please try the chocolate-covered bacon and tell me if it’s worth a try.

·       Atmosphere – 8.4 / 10 Blending the traditional, tacky, ethnic style with a modern structure makes the idea work. You’ll be at the very least entertained by the witty things that the beer-drinking, joke-cracking owner. Although the main experience can be a little overwhelming and overstimulating with the sounds, sights, and having to immediately pick your dinner from a huge colorful chalkboard right after you walk in, the friendliness and excitement keeps the interest piqued and the customer engaged.

·       Value – 8.2 / 10 Of course, I will never admit that a meal is ever worth 15 dollars. But as far as these days go, this was a very quality meal, and an equally as enjoyable experience. If going out to eat, you might find these 15 dollars a little more well spent than usual. The rice dish was around $9.50 if I remember.

·       Cleanliness – 8.0 / 10 It took the staff quite a bit to turnover a table, but there was nothing that looked unsanitary. I really have little to complain about.

·       Service – I’m omitting this category for this week, because the wait staff is so engaging, that it could almost be offensive for some customers. If you’re like me,  a little rigid, you don’t necessarily want people poking fun at your mispronunciations and such. It’s not necessarily my cup of tea, and if you’re looking to be served quietly, you can forget that. However, people who are in a lighter mood might be amused by the warm hearts and laughter.

All in all, Herwig’s scored an average score of just about an 8.3 / 10. I don’t like giving out this high of a score, but Herwig’s is so unique, and such an experience, that I feel it earned this position higher above others. When you go in, be prepared to make friends – not reservedly sit down and eat a meal you’re used to the way you’re used to it.

They generally stop seating at around 8 most nights, and 9 Thursday to Saturday.

If you haven’t tried Herwig’s and are feeling up for an adventure, I would definitely suggest you stop by.

And as always, Good Eating!

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