The more I fill up my stomach the more my wallet starves, so this week I’m taking a break, and also taking the opportunity to share some of my favorite “gems” from around campus (in no particular order)...
Sisu Smoothies - Awesome. Just when I was getting so terribly sick of getting a nearly $4 Muscle Milk from Good to Go or messily making my own protein shakes in my dorm last semester, I came across the cheap, versatile, and healthy smoothies at Sisu in West. Real ingredients, additives like whey protein, soy, and other health-nut favorites. I intend to abuse this next year if I get to live in West. Honestly, on a run to West and go give it a try!

West Cookies - I’m nearly positive everyone knows about the cookies at West Commons, and how angels bring them down from heaven in cookie bags made of gold, and place them on the trays in West warm, gushy, and delectable, but just in the rare (and unfortunate) case that you have not, please feel free to stop reading this and go try them. I’ve heard about combining them with soft-serve and a tall glass of milk for a multiplied euphoria.

Asian Grille Stir-Fry – I have at least one once a week. If you want some delectable, hearty, savory, and sodium-wild food, look no further. I highly recommend ”double-meating” it up with beef and shrimp. I do not recommend eggs, especially fried, because I have had some shells in my stir-fry, but otherwise, consider going here to put some real food in your stomach.

South Sushi - I am cognizant of the fact that sushi is not for everyone. But for those of you who are cool and who do like sushi, try it at South. It is mega-cheap, considering how jaw-unhinging sushi prices normally are. Beware though, their hours are as transient as the time you spend gulping down sushi.

Pollock Smoothie Bar – Hey, you may not get to pick out what kind of smoothie, and it may not have cool additives which make your body better, but it’s unlimited and delicious!

More to come, and Good Eating!

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