It’s Tuesday or Thursday night, and you’ve been working for countless hours on a hopeless TED talk to the point of mental and physical exhaustion. With what strength you can muster, you turn your head an inch to see your alarm clock, which harshly shows a time just a few minutes after 8 PM, and deviously chimes in your ear, “That’s right, big guy, you just missed dinner at commons. No all-you-can-eat tonight, sucker!” In desperation you slide your impossibly heavy food drawer open to find scraps of pop-tarts and perhaps one sunflower seed, if you’re lucky. It’s not enough for you to go on. All hope for your survival is lost, until you remember…

Herwig’s Austrian Bistro is an engaging ethnic restaurant right off of College.

I ordered the Rosmarin Schweinsbraten ( ROSE-mar-in SHWEYENZ-bra-tin ) which is “Our rosemary roast pork. Two thick and juicy slices of center-cut pork loin which is freshly roasted to perfection in our rotisserie oven. Served with our own sauerkraut and a bread dumpling.” My date ordered the Reisflesch? Which is spicy pork and rice, and a neat little salad.

The more I fill up my stomach the more my wallet starves, so this week I’m taking a break, and also taking the opportunity to share some of my favorite “gems” from around campus (in no particular order)...


    The informal and disengaging language is tailored for college freshmen, with the aim to both inform and entertain the new student, and hopefully helping them settle into Penn State a little more easily.

    The Menu


    We start off with a lighthearted piece, and one of my personal favorites, Why Nacho Night is a Special Night. Breaking away from the traditional 5-point critique style, this selection informs the reader while keeping them laughing.

    Main Course

    Next, you'll enjoy one of the traditional entries (rather, entrees,) of Good Eating. Herwig's Austrian Bistro was easily one of the most lively places I have gotten to review. Most of the entries on Good Eating involve this 5-point scale (Taste, Service, Atmosphere, Cleanliness, and Value).


    The last plate, Gems of Penn State Dining Facilities, is a rich, diverse selection of the many eateries on campus. This was chosen, not only because of the high quality word choice, but also to demonstrate how both restaurants and PSU facilities are reviewed, in order to give a holistic outlook for the reader.